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Extruded Tumblers – Part II July 22, 2009

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Tumblers4and5 Jul-2009 small

With summer in its peak and the vacations, picnics, pool parties, yard work, gardening and all those wonderful fun summer things, it took me about a month to get to the decoration part, and it is still in progress (luckily I do not have to rush with sales or commission deadlines).

Bone dry tumblers were painted with white underglaze and let dry, then fine meandering lines were added using Shellac as a water-resistant sealant (pic.1) and let dry again. The next step – carefully sponging out clay between the lines with a wet sponge, thus creating a raised design (pic.2). Care should be taken not to remove Shellac lines (when the lines are fine, the amount of sealant used to create them is very limited. It does not penetrate clay surface deeply and therefore can be easily removed).  

Some call this technique “Shellac resist”, some – “water erosion”. I used it before on my other pieces and really like the 3D effect. 

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