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Curves and Teapots July 26, 2010

Posted by id2707009.icsas.xyz in ceramic, handbuilt, porcelain, pottery.
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Teapot, ~11x9x6", slab built, porcelain, unfired

As usual, summer is taking its course and we are busy with traveling, gardening, taking care of the house (all that, of course, in addition to going to full–time jobs). I’ve been also working on a few ceramic pieces, including a series of cups to improve my throwing skills, and this teapot. It’s inspired by my previous success with the slab-built teapot (see earlier post) and Frank Gehry’s expressive curves. It took about 6 weeks to dry it evenly, and still the handle cracked a little. I hope it survives the bisquing. I am planning on wood-firing it later this summer.

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