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After a long wait… December 26, 2010

Posted by id2707009.icsas.xyz in ceramic, handbuilt, porcelain, pottery.
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Teapot, ~11"w 5.5"d 9"h, slab built porcelain, cone 10 reduction

Here is the finished teapot in its full glory. It’s been a while since my last post. I was busy building new pieces and experimenting with glazes. I wanted to make sure that the glaze I use on this teapot will compliment the form and highlight the carved design. And the pressure was high because it’s not just a single teapot. The full tea set is coming up in my next post.

Obviously it was not wood-fired but I made a few pieces that I was fortunate to have fired in a wood kiln. I will display them in my future posts.

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