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Plates with Colored Porcelain Inlay April 5, 2012

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These plates started as a slab. I prepared colored porcelain by overlaping multiple strips of different colors and rolled in a coil. I then cut this slices of colored coil (~2 mm thick) and layed them out on slab. Using pony roller I slowly rolled the pieces into the slab taking care not to thin out the slab. Then I cut out the circle and paced it upside down on a hump hydro-bat mold (The Ceramic Shop, Philadelphia), and threw the plate on a wheel. I then added a thin coil and threw a foot ring.

After bisque firing, the plates were finished with a clear glaze and blue glaze sprayed in the middle, and fired in reduction at cone 10.


Two platters February 5, 2010

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White earthenware platters, 14" and 11", press-molded, stamped, shellac-resisted, commercial underglazes and clear glaze

Here are two more platters from the same experimental series as the one below. These are drape-molded, inverted onto a slump mold, impressed and trimmed. After thorough drying, they are finished with a scrubby and the shellac resist design is painted in the center. The underglazes are layered on the rim, then the whole thing is painted with underglaze and bisque fired. To finish, the platters are coated with clear gloss glaze and glaze fired.

I am now much closer to the look I am after. It seems that the underglazes become semi-transparent on white earthenware under clear glaze. I experimented with red earthenware and was much happier with the colors. So… I know what my next platters will be made of.

Earthenware platter December 4, 2009

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Platter, 14", underglazes, clear glaze, shellac resist

I had a lot of fun making this plate, in particular layering the underglazes on the rim. The colors did not come out quite as I was hoping for but I am happy with it. There is a lot of experimenting ahead until I figure out exact color and pattern combinations. In the mean time, just enjoying the process.

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