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Plates with Colored Porcelain Inlay April 5, 2012

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These plates started as a slab. I prepared colored porcelain by overlaping multiple strips of different colors and rolled in a coil. I then cut this slices of colored coil (~2 mm thick) and layed them out on slab. Using pony roller I slowly rolled the pieces into the slab taking care not to thin out the slab. Then I cut out the circle and paced it upside down on a hump hydro-bat mold (The Ceramic Shop, Philadelphia), and threw the plate on a wheel. I then added a thin coil and threw a foot ring.

After bisque firing, the plates were finished with a clear glaze and blue glaze sprayed in the middle, and fired in reduction at cone 10.


Covered Jar January 7, 2012

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Red stoneware; 7.5″h, 4″w, 4’d; thrown, altered and carved; cone 10 reduction.

This piece was thrown and the slab legs/sides were added. Then the walls were carved. The lid is slab built. I saw a similar design in a gallery and wanted to recreate it. It was fun to make, except the slab work takes too long. This jar had a little fat brother but its leg exploded during the bisque firing because the venting hole I made was too small. The surface treatment is iron oxide and Shino.

After a long wait… December 26, 2010

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Teapot, ~11"w 5.5"d 9"h, slab built porcelain, cone 10 reduction

Here is the finished teapot in its full glory. It’s been a while since my last post. I was busy building new pieces and experimenting with glazes. I wanted to make sure that the glaze I use on this teapot will compliment the form and highlight the carved design. And the pressure was high because it’s not just a single teapot. The full tea set is coming up in my next post.

Obviously it was not wood-fired but I made a few pieces that I was fortunate to have fired in a wood kiln. I will display them in my future posts.

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